LêComigo Expeditions

The LêComigo Expeditions allow for its participants to combine two incredible experiences:getting to know Brazil and all of its exuberant culture and nature, while also contributing to the improvement of the country’s education. Through diverse and entertaining itineraries, these trips take participants to have and exchange experiences with the residents of the regions visited, collectively carrying out actions that contribute to the local education. Participants are invited to form new friendships, to fully immerse themselves in this newfound connection, and truly learn more about a reality different from their own. To recognize and value differences and discover elements that we all have in common. Empathy, creativity and joy are the pillars of our expeditions, which are open to people of all ages; from families, to youth groups, schools, Brazilians and foreigners! The LêComigo Expeditions are an invitation to a journey of self-discovery, through meaningful connection with others, Brazilian landscapes and books.