The LêComigo Program

The LêComigo Program is the formative path that is at the center of our actions. Through the use of our dynamic methodology, we aim to strengthen the social-emotional development of youth through creative stimulation, reconstruction of relationships with books and reading, exercise of empathy and development of autonomy. Over the course of a year, teenagers are challenged to achieve the goal of positively impacting their communities through the disseminating and emphasizing of the importance of books and reading in their schools. In addition, they are trained to take books and arts to primary and elementary schools, interacting and contributing to the education of children. Over the course of the program, high schools receive teams of LêComigo facilitators who enable young people to undertake a journey in which they develop new skills and exercise their potential as protagonists. Each group of students, inspired by the books they read and by the games and reflections promoted by the LêComigo team, mobilizes, debates and concretizes actions to transform their realities, schools and communities.