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LêComigo promotes meetings among Brazilian children and teenagers from different realities, with the book as a starting point for generating new readers and new citizens capable of creating transformation in their communities.

In Brazil

0 %

of the schools do not have a library or reading room

0 %

of the population does not have full reading ability

0 %

of the population never bought a book

0 %

of the population never had someone to encourage reading

Source: Censo escolar 2018 (INEP)

Source: Retratos da Leitura (Instituto Pró-Livro)

Lêcomigo wants to turn THIS PAGE!

  • Public schools all over Brazil have received our libraries or our formative course, impacting thousands of teenagers and children.

  • The young people who pass through our formation become multipliers of actions of foment to the book and to the reading, maximizing our results of real impact.

We have been to many places in Brazil

We wish to improve education in Brazil. A school that reads is a school with better results in all disciplines.


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Books do not change the world. People change the world. Books only change people.

Mário Quintana

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